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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Service Description

Trees, though they may seem self-sufficient, really do need love and care to grow, flourish, and stay healthy. The type of care that your tree will need depends on several factors including its age, the type of tree, and the season. Tree trimming is a major part of caring for your tree, something that everyone who has a tree in their care needs to consider. But why is tree trimming needed? Aesthetics Trimming your tree will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your yard. Tree trimming will get rid of old dead limbs and can help properly shape your tree. By trimming your tree, you will be able to shape your tree to best serve the needs of your yard, keeping it out of the way of other trees, powerlines, and your house itself. Just as you need a haircut to freshen up your look, so does your tree need tree trimming; some parts of the tree will grow faster than others and a seasonal trim will even out your tree’s branches so it grow uniformly and beautifully. Stimulate Growth Proper tree trimming can cause your tree to grow and to become stronger against heavy storms. Also, trimming your tree can encourage growth of your tree’s roots, as well as fruit production; pruning, in many cases, causes more spurs and thus gives more opportunity for the tree to bear fruit the following year. Dead limbs can make the tree more susceptible to pests and infestations, which can eventually spread to the rest of the tree. Safety Trimming trees can be a matter of safety. Dead branches can not only put your family in peril, but can damage your home, vehicles, and other parts of your property. Dead branches can fall at any time, but branches that could fall become even more dangerous during severe storms and winds. Once again, trimming your trees away from power lines is important not only for the health of your tree, but the safety of your home. Ensure Health Getting professional tree trimming for your tree can also cause make you more aware of your trees health, enabling to you to address tree health issues before they become a bigger issue and could cost you your tree. Tree trimming is not the “cure-all,” meaning that even if you get your tree trimmed, as mentioned earlier, getting rid of dead parts and branches of your tree will not completely prevent, but will aid in protecting your tree from those things that can be the ultimate demise of your tree.

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