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Stump Grinding

Service Description

As an ugly safety hazard, we find nothing beneficial about a tree stump. Providing no landscaping aesthetics whatsoever, and preventing inventive land use, stumps are as ugly as the name they were given. They’re just a sad reminder of the majestic tree that once stood in that spot. Furthermore, it often becomes a home for carpenter ants, termites and a variety of other pests that your yard could do without. The reasons for getting that stump ground out and removed are plenty. Stump Removal Unfortunately, many homeowners are often under the impression that once a tree is removed, the company will automatically remove the stump too. Because the process requires different tools, techniques, and equipment, stump removal is actually treated as a completely different service from tree removal. Completely removing the stump at the ground level, our stump grinding services are engineered to quickly and affordably allow you to get back to enjoying your entire yard once again; free of bothersome stumps. Going beyond the act of simply pulling the stump out of the ground, we extract the stump with little to no impact on your surrounding landscape. Whether you’ve got a stump that is long overdue for removal or need stump grinding in addition to our tree removal services, we promise superior skill at an affordable rate.

Contact Details

  • 465 Fordville Road, Ridgeland, SC, USA


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